Is the Warrior Forum Still Worth It?

Yesterday I visited the Warrior Forum because my WSO for Gram Poster Elite was awarded one of the Top 5 WSOs of the week. I was surprised to see this given nobody had commented on my post yet. But, I guess it’s based on the editor’s approval and they liked my software.

I really haven’t visited the Warrior Forum much since the times I sold products primarily through WSOs. At that time the Warrior Forum wasn’t owned by and it’s changed a lot since then. If you haven’t logged into your Warrior Forum account or you never created one take a look at what they have going on.

The Warrior Forum has three premium areas that I know about.

  1. The War Room (a private / premium area of the forum)
  2. The WSO Section (you pay for your own thread post)
  3. The Classifieds (buy services from other warriors)

What led me to creating a WSO on the Warrior Forum for Gram Poster was there Black Friday sale it was only $20 and I figured for that price I couldn’t go wrong.  It did result in some sales so I made my investment back. You can’t discount the backlink value of WSO threads either.

The Warrior Forum is an established authority domain in the internet marketing industry. I’ve seen people create WSO threads for major product launches and do really well by offering the right bonus special or discount. They usually rank on page one of Google without much effort other than some blasted backlinks.

Notice I’m not really mention any of the forum content. You can be the judge of the value of the forum content. I do like the layout of some of there guest posts. They seem to be focusing on the members and the experts which is a good move.

From what it looks like they moved the War Room to more of this style where they feature IM legends like Matt Bacak and Rand Fishkin. Matt’s a pretty cool guy and a master of email marketing.

I promoted a few of Matt Bacak’s low ticket items several years ago and made over $500 in affiliate sales for him so he sent me a box set from a talk he did for some private warrior event. It was really cool information about his Clickbank launch at the time that made him millions of dollars. Matt if you read this some day because of one of those Google Alerts, I watched your program.

Rand Fishkin is also a smart SEO expert so I’m sure this type of expert advice is worth the cost of admission. I was a little bummed when I realized that my War Room membership which was initially grandfathered in when the new members took over is no longer valid now that they’ve added the new content.

You’re probably not going to find the next big thing in the Warrior Forum WSO section which might be why you’re reading this blog in the first place. Most likely you’ve found the people you want to listen to and you’re not searching the newbie forums for answer. This said there are some refreshing posts on the Warrior Forum in the free section. In fact, that’s where I found the most value as I dove back into the mix.

I think the goal of the people who purchased the warrior forum was to make all the information more accessible in addition to featuring the authority members as you see above. They do have a lot of new features and navigating the site is much easier.

Is the Warrior Forum still worth visiting today?

Many of the people on my list are warrior forum members and we’ve all seen the changes since took over, what are your thoughts on them? Comment below and let me know.

I’ll be launching a new product in the coming weeks and I plan on giving away 5 review copies to people who comment.

7 thoughts on “Is the Warrior Forum Still Worth It?

  1. Abe

    I do associate with them to play to many con games and do not purchase any product they endorse I have so many negative things to say about them Its not worth my time. Nothing against you. Please do not share my email.

  2. Bob

    I still sift through new offers but honestly never open emails that are directly from the forum. As for the recommendations, I ignore them. There are still good offers, you just have to be able to spot them and weed out the rest.

  3. Brian

    I have been a long time Warrior. In the early years it provided a constant level of opportunity and education. Was it worth it then… of course. Now, that I have found my way into the online universe with my niche or marketing focus, I do not visit the Warrior Forum except on occasion. Usually I hear about some new software or specialized information and there are still golden nuggets to be mined from the forum.


    1. Thomas Witek Post author

      There are still golden nuggets if you’re looking for something specific and you search for it on that forum and a few others such as CPA Elites, you’ll usually find what you’re looking for. It’s not what it used to be though, there was more valuable information and WSOs that could make you money.

  4. David Webb

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Getting approval for affiliate promotions can be very difficult for newbies on bigger platforms like JVZoo. I think Warrior has sunk in reputation terms and needs to re-invent and re-style itself as a vital force in internet marketing, rather than an “also-ran” in the big race. I have found gems and junk in roughly equal measure on Warrior, but that is to be expected when so many new marketers are “sharpening their teeth” with this platform as their springboard to higher things. If some vendors and affiiates have a less ethical practice than that which the customer pool desires, then there is bound to be some disappointment for purchasers along the way. However, a bad experience can not only be bad PR for the vendor concerned in an issue, it has a serious effect on the host platform too. Any appraisal and change plan should not discourage new starters, though. There are too many brick walls as it is. Let there be a resurgence of interest in Warrior and may everyone involved work towards a revised community that operates ethically and fairly in everyone’s interests. Come on Warrior platform and Warriors alike, elevate the platform to greater things, but do not desert it. You were probably grateful to it when you were starting out.

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