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Weekly Recap: Crypto Jacker Contest Winners, Interesting Bitcoin Limitation and Monero Going Up!

Last week I did a blog contest where I was giving away 5 copies of my latest software Crypto Jacker to 5 random people who commented on my blog. Well not random, you’re my loyal readers. However, I did draw them at random using I did it like this, each person who commented was added to a numbered line in a text file. Then I loaded numbers 1-17 and put at asterisk by each name that corresponded with a number drawn.

Crypto Jacker Blog Comment Winners:

  1. Damon
  2. Brian
  3. Gabriele
  4. Tom
  5. Matt

I’ll contact you today via the email you used when you submitted your comment to tell you how to claim your prize. If you didn’t win you can still get your hands on Crypto Jacker from now until Tuesday at midnight for the special JV Zoo launch discount: Click Here to Get Access!

When I say the price is going up soon? That’s an understatement.

Believe me now is the time to get in!

In other news…

Monero keeps going up which is making this whole thing way more exciting. As of the time of this writing it’s at $320. When I started coding Crypto Jacker it was at $150 and that’s just two or three weeks ago so you can see why I want to get as many people involved as possible…

Update: $370 I feel bad for anyone sitting on the fence right now:

When people say Crypto Currency is just a baby right now I can see where they’re coming from. It’s hard to believe bitcoin was at $1,000 at the beginning of the year and it’s looking like it will have no trouble hitting $20k before the year closes. We could see that growth with other alt coins too which is almost mind blowing when you think about it, but it’s sure to happen as they’re all growing.

An interesting side note I realized tonight that “buy now” buttons are not feasible with bitcoin transactions when you’re attempting to use an API. This is probably gibberish to most but essentially you would do this if you wanted to listen for the payment and deliver a file after it’s complete. The reason is an interesting phenomenon known as address gap limitation.

It’s interesting because for people like myself that sell software online and my customers who buy software from me in communities like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, etc. We’re accustomed to buying things and getting instant delivery. Yet, many of us will click the buy button and read the checkout page, then maybe look for coupons and forget. So the amount of clicks you get on a buy button as a vendor are significantly higher than the actual purchases. With bitcoin if you generate 20 consecutive unused addresses to receive payment in a row your wallet is locked. They do this because they’re only looking 20 transactions ahead in what’s called a look ahead. How on earth is this supposed to work as a digital currency when you can’t even use it to buy things online?

You better be damn sure you’re buying before you see that bitcoin buy button. I heard the Winklevoss twins say Bitcoin’s more like gold I can see what they mean. I think they both said it at the same time actually. I’m not quite sure. 😂 That’s where I really see other alt coins that are more focused on the logistics stepping in and moving some of the wealth that’s in bitcoin to a more “fungible” atmosphere. Which seems to be one of the buzzwords in the blockchain world right now… Anyway, congrats again to the winners I’m excited about the future with Crypto Jacker let’s get paid!

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Crypto Jacker here.


Yesterday I visited the Warrior Forum because my WSO for Gram Poster Elite was awarded one of the Top 5 WSOs of the week. I was surprised to see this given nobody had commented on my post yet. But, I guess it’s based on the editor’s approval and they liked my software.

I really haven’t visited the Warrior Forum much since the times I sold products primarily through WSOs. At that time the Warrior Forum wasn’t owned by and it’s changed a lot since then. If you haven’t logged into your Warrior Forum account or you never created one take a look at what they have going on.

The Warrior Forum has three premium areas that I know about.

  1. The War Room (a private / premium area of the forum)
  2. The WSO Section (you pay for your own thread post)
  3. The Classifieds (buy services from other warriors)

What led me to creating a WSO on the Warrior Forum for Gram Poster was there Black Friday sale it was only $20 and I figured for that price I couldn’t go wrong.  It did result in some sales so I made my investment back. You can’t discount the backlink value of WSO threads either.

The Warrior Forum is an established authority domain in the internet marketing industry. I’ve seen people create WSO threads for major product launches and do really well by offering the right bonus special or discount. They usually rank on page one of Google without much effort other than some blasted backlinks.

Notice I’m not really mention any of the forum content. You can be the judge of the value of the forum content. I do like the layout of some of there guest posts. They seem to be focusing on the members and the experts which is a good move.

From what it looks like they moved the War Room to more of this style where they feature IM legends like Matt Bacak and Rand Fishkin. Matt’s a pretty cool guy and a master of email marketing.

I promoted a few of Matt Bacak’s low ticket items several years ago and made over $500 in affiliate sales for him so he sent me a box set from a talk he did for some private warrior event. It was really cool information about his Clickbank launch at the time that made him millions of dollars. Matt if you read this some day because of one of those Google Alerts, I watched your program.

Rand Fishkin is also a smart SEO expert so I’m sure this type of expert advice is worth the cost of admission. I was a little bummed when I realized that my War Room membership which was initially grandfathered in when the new members took over is no longer valid now that they’ve added the new content.

You’re probably not going to find the next big thing in the Warrior Forum WSO section which might be why you’re reading this blog in the first place. Most likely you’ve found the people you want to listen to and you’re not searching the newbie forums for answer. This said there are some refreshing posts on the Warrior Forum in the free section. In fact, that’s where I found the most value as I dove back into the mix.

I think the goal of the people who purchased the warrior forum was to make all the information more accessible in addition to featuring the authority members as you see above. They do have a lot of new features and navigating the site is much easier.

Is the Warrior Forum still worth visiting today?

Many of the people on my list are warrior forum members and we’ve all seen the changes since took over, what are your thoughts on them? Comment below and let me know.

I’ll be launching a new product in the coming weeks and I plan on giving away 5 review copies to people who comment.

Making Money Online will Change Dramatically in 2018

Hey There, my name is Thomas Witek and I created this website several years ago to document my journey through internet marketing. Over time it turned into more of an internet marketing product review website. I’m not sure how that happened but it led me to abandon the project as product reviews was never my intention.

Now as we approach a new year I’ve decided to revive my blog once again. The idea this time is to introduce a system to my readers that will make them money every day, like clockwork, preferably on auto-pilot with little to no maintenance required. You know, a completely automated income.

I hope this will finally bring the true concept of getting paid all day to many.

What if one day you woke up and realized internet traffic was like the universe? Never-ending and expansive. And that if you tapped into it the right way you could profit… Free traffic can generate real money even if you don’t  understand things like advertising or marketing psychology. Contrary to what many believe the answer isn’t always learning more. Specialized knowledge is no longer required.

Things like copywriting, and mastering ad conversions are no longer needed to earn an income online. In the world we live in today it’s 100% possible to earn a living online with no specialized skills like copywriting, writing code, managing jv partners or any of the other monotonous tasks that most people think they would like to avoid when it comes to online marketing.

How did I get into Internet Marketing?

I was working at Apple. Actually, let me take a step back. I was attending business school and watching this documentary on netflix one night about apple. I was so moved by the marketing and loyalty of apple customers that I was brought to tears. Hard to admit, strange to experience, but I was just so moved by how influential Steve Jobs was, how passionate he was about his product and the changes that he created. It seemed like just a few nights or maybe a couple weeks later I get an email from a recruiter at Apple. Now, at this time I had 5+ years of real world development experience as a programmer but I wanted to expand my knowledge. I was going to business school because I wanted to move up into management.

Actually, my real goal was executive management… maybe at a start-up?

I had no intentions of working at Apple, in fact I never applied, but I couldn’t ignore the opportunity. I did a series of phone interviews and online tests that eventually led to an in person job interview in Cupertino California. I had to pay for the plane ticket without knowing whether or not I would be hired. But I was, about 8 people interviewed me for 5 hours. I went to lunch with my future boss and his boss in the “Piano Room” a special room on the Apple Campus right outside the cafeteria (staffed with chef’s) that was created for the sole purpose of holding Steve Job’s grand Piano. I guess it was his first big purchase after he bought his first mansion. And now it sits in a room as a monument at the Apple headquarters. That’s where I had lunch that day. For the next year I worked at Apple.

At Apple I had a lot of  free time between projects. I worked on and products were only updated quarterly. So we had to work really hard for a few weeks before a new product launched then it seemed like we were always waiting on a new project. Little things came here and there, I developed a JavaScript iPhone locator that was never implemented. I worked on some things with the Apple TV related to browser streaming. It was a fun job. But it was a one year contract and the entire time during my free time I was looking for what was next.

That’s what led me to Internet Marketing and specifically product launches.

But Creating Products is Hard…

I find myself feeling like the guy in the second graphic all the time.

I wanted an auto-pilot income and I spent thousands on software products that other people were creating in hopes of finding it. However, it seemed no matter what I tried nothing worked. So eventually I decided to create my own product called “The Blueprint to Riches”. It sold nearly 100 copies on the Warrior Forum which clearly wasn’t enough but it was a start and it was the beginning of my list. I continued to launch Warrior Forum products and grew my list past 5,000 subscribers. This in addition to the income I made as an affiliate was the start of my internet marketing career. To date I’ve made 10,000+ product sales on JV Zoo and thousands more on Warrior Plus. I used to sell a lot of affiliate products too, but that market is pretty locked up now as well, so I’ve moved on to selling more of my own products in other channels. Which leads to me where we are today…

Product Launching is no longer a profitable idea for most of us.

There have been many rules changes about income claims, the lifetime of SaaS applications, restrictions from PayPal. In 2017 I spent much of the year under a PayPal restriction that cost me 20% of my business in addition to the 50% I was paying to affiliates and 10% for payment processors. If you do the math that leaves just 20% to cover expenses and if you’re in the US you’re paying taxes on a good part of that. It’s been a difficult time to say the least. Only recently did I get this restriction removed and now I can’t say if it’s even worth it. There are just much better alternatives out there for generating an income and turning a profit online.

  • Affiliate marketing is going to be just as difficult if you can’t build a list.
  • Amazon product marketing is heavily saturated as well as eCom.
  • We just don’t have the same opportunities today that we did years ago.

If you’re trying to make one of the older concepts work for you it’s going to be a struggle. Some of us are addicted the struggle, but you don’t want to be, you want to be successful. So don’t make things difficult on yourself by continuing to try to force old methods to work for you. If you’re still buying into the idea that you can create a product or start a profitable shopify store with the right facebook ads or Instagram strategy I’ve got news for you… It’s probably not going to happen.

Not anymore. The good news is, there are still plenty of ways to make money.

What should you do to make money online?

That’s entirely up to you. But If you were to ask me here would be my suggestions:

  • Always be looking into new innovative ways to make money online.
  • Don’t struggle to make the same way work if it’s not working for you.
  • Focus on one thing and make it happen before moving on.
  • Don’t buy anything that isn’t directly related to what you’re working on.
  • Work on building your own leads either on social media or through email.
  • Don’t fall into the cycle of being a perpetual learner, or believing that the people who you buy products from are going to somehow make you money.
  • There is no such thing as done for you or auto-pilot income (without effort)
  • If you’ve never made any money online sign up for a Peerfly account and make your first CPA commission as soon as possible. You need to experience the feeling of making money before you go any further (or buy anything else).

Here’s an example of my peerfly earnings from a smaller Instagram account:

You don’t need a lot of traffic to get sales you only need a plan for conversions.

From what I’ve learned over the years this is the best advice I can give you…

Make money now and separate yourself from all the other people out there not making money. I suggest CPA because they will pay you for email leads which is easier than making a credit card sale. Believe it or not you do need sales experience to get a sale. You need the confidence to ask for it and to make it happen. Before internet marketing and programming I did telemarketing which gave me the confidence and experience to make sales. This helped me when it came to making sales videos or even writing emails. If you lack basic sales skills or you feel uncomfortable making or asking for sales than you need to overcome that fear first before anything else will happen. If you don’t, other marketers will just play on it and sell you shit that “takes away all the hard work” or “eliminates any type of scary stuff you need to do”. It’s on you to survive, now go out there and do it!