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How to Exchange Litecoin for Altcoins on Cryptopia

My preferred method of crypto-currency trading is to exchange on Of course to do this you need some way to add funds the exchange. You can add either Bitcoin or Litecoin. I prefer to use Litecoin because the transaction fees are much lower usually around .05 for Litecoin where Bitcoin is around $20.00. The only reason you would want to transfer Bitcoin directly into Cryptopia is if you’re doing large trades. Make sure you have the daily allowance to cover the trades that you have planned. On occasion I will transfer Bitcoin directly.

The purpose of this article is to cover how to buy Litecoin, and then how to exchange it for other altcoins on Crytopia.ltdI’ve created a video where you can see the entire process. Watch my walkthrough of how to buy on Cryptopia:

The video above shows the entire process from buying Litecoin, to exchanging it. You’ll need a Coinbase account to purchase Litecoin. You can also buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase. Use this link: to join Coinbase and you’ll get an additional $10 in your account when you deposit your first $100.

For everyone that signs up for Cryptopia using my affiliate link (in this article) contact me and I’ll send you an invite to a private Crypto Trading Pump group along with access to my own Crypto Traders Group on Slack. If I’m not available to send it my virtual assistant will respond within 12-24 hours. Here are some results from the Crypto Trading Pump group:

Results are not typical, no guarantees, pumps are risk as is investing in crypto-currency. With that said you’ll get an invite and you can make your own decision on whether you want to invest in the potential to make huge short term gains or if you want to play longer term holds. I’ve had success with both methods and encourage you to learn as much as possible about the opportunities. For example, you can invest in purchasing Master Nodes or Mining Rigs that pay you consistent profits on a daily basis. Of course if you want to mine crypto-currency online you can still get ahold of my Crypto Jacker plugin. Here’s a link to save an additional $10 off

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In my next post I’m going to reveal trading strategies.