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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Worth Watching in 2018

First off, Bitcoin is a given which is why it’s not in the list. Bitcoin is like Gold. It’s an asset. It’s not necessarily easy to transact with. And most people don’t want to because it keeps going up!

However, what we don’t realize is some people in some countries can’t use paypal, for these people, bitcoin is a form of currency. And in many markets bitcoin acceptance is becoming more and more popular. In New York for example restaurants take Bitcoin and you purchase it based on market value at ATMs located throughout the city. At this point it’s unlikely any of the other cryptocurrencies will surmount bitcoins market cap.

Instead of thinking of the cryptocurrencies in this list as a suitable replacement for bitcoin, it’s best to view the growth of the market as a whole.  As Julian Assange says: “Bitcoin is the real Occupy Wall Street movement.” Now let’s talk about the next cryptocurrency disrupters…


Ethereum is a solid cryptocoin it’s the #2 ranked coin (behind bitcoin) and like bitcoin it’s widely available. If you live in the US you can exchange cash for Ethereum on Coinbase in the same way you purchase bitcoin at the current exchange rate. You can then trade ethereum for other currencies on cryptomania. Ethereum is easier to mine than bitcoin as it does not require a specific ASIC. Ethereum has wide market acceptance.


Despite having what I believe could be one of the worst possible logos dogecoin has gained huge acceptance and reached a market cap over $800,000,000 making it the 36th ranked Cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin is considered an inflationary coin because there are no set amount of coins. The inflation rate was set at 5.25% however, since the production of coins is uncapped the inflation rate will decrease over time.


Ranked #5 Litecoin is also widely available and exchanged. Similar to Ethereum it can be mined which makes it an attractive crypto currency. Litecoin mining is possible via Scrypt which is offered by cloud mining hosts like LiteCoin is available for direct purchase on coinbase along with ethereum, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin. Finally Cryptopia has a LiteCoin exchange making it easy to purchase and exchange.


Monero is based on the CryptoNight algorithm which can be mined via CPU and GPU power. For this reason it’s been found on sites from the UFC, to PirateBay and even the Russian Pipeline was found to have a Monero mining software program installed. Since it’s early adoption they’ve been promoting it as the cryptocurrency for webmasters and the fact it can be mined from websites make’s it even more attractive. In my opinion the crypto-currencies that offer the best security, transaction times, privacy (anonymity) and mining options will be the most successful.

Mine Monero from people who visit your links with Crypto Jacker.


Ripple is unique in that it’s completely distributed and it is not mineable. Unlike bitcoin where there is a set number (21 million) and roughly 16.5 million available, Ripple was released all at once. This could make it more stable than other cryptocurrencies and their technology has been widely adopted by the banking industry which is a big plus for them. In Asia they’re just starting to market Ripple which has led to fairly big upswing.


Did you know that bitcoin transactions are completely traceable? If you know a bitcoin wallet address you can use BTC Toolbox to get the entire transaction history for that wallet. Because wallet addresses are freely given out to exchange the currency the privacy and anonymity promised by bitcoin are as anonymous as they claim. Zcash was the first to market their cryptocoin as a solution to the privacy concerns of bitcoin.

“Zcash finally fulfills an early promise of Bitcoin technology – the ability to transact freely and privately with anyone in the world. This protects the right to privacy held by all individuals on Earth, and opens up new commercial use cases which were impossible without truly confidential transactions.” – Erik Voorhees (


Smaller cryptocurrency based on the anonymous TOR network. The market cap of the DeepOnion networks isn’t up to the level of the other’s in the list. However, this cryptocoin still has a lot going for it. The marketing and planning behind it were well though out and the layered security is provided by the anonmous TOR network.

Deep Onion spreads the wealth to it’s users via drops which will happen until 3rd quarter of 2018. At this point the currency will also be completely distributed and more mature.


CloakCoin has the enigma network which looks to be one of the most secure and anonymous payment networks of any crypto-currency. They recently submitted for an audit of their completed enigma network and the coin spiked to around $20 (about a 300% spike).

CloakCoin is part of the anon coin section of crypto-currencies such as Monero, Zcash and Deep Onion. Is Enigma superior to the TOR Network?


Of all the crypto-currencies in the list Verge is one of the most interesting to me. It is relatively inexpensive (less than $1.00 per coin) and has grown exponentially as of late. It meets the privacy and security requirements of the more modern crypto-currencies and it’s been backed by some big names including most notably John McAffee the antivirus guy:

Paraphrasing John McAfee… This coin has the greatest potential for leverage of all the coins in the list, meaning a small investment could potentially yield a large return. It’s easier for a $.03 cent coin to hit $30 and get a 100x multiple. Verge has seen some pretty crazy gains lately.


Steem has a strong community behind it which is part of what makes it special. This community is driven by the website and through videos hosted on Content producers are paid out in STEEM which is an investable crypto-currency that’s seen a 10x exponential growth in the last 6 months. Needless to say many YouTubers and Bloggers are moving to this platform and if you visit the site for a couple of hours you’ll quickly see why it’s so valuable. Will the coin itself hold up like the community?

It’s hard to say but it at this point it seems full steam ahead!

How to buy these cryptocurrencies?

1. Buy bitcoin through (use my referral link to receive $10 free immediately after your first investment of $100 in crypto-currency).

2. Exchange BTC for all of the cryptocurrencies in this list on Cryptopia.

There are exchange fees associated with any crypto transaction do your research before investing. The best way to educate yourself on crypto-currency is to get involved and make your first investment as soon as possible! Did you like this mega post? Please comment below…

Cheers! 🥂

Weekly Recap: Crypto Jacker Contest Winners, Interesting Bitcoin Limitation and Monero Going Up!

Last week I did a blog contest where I was giving away 5 copies of my latest software Crypto Jacker to 5 random people who commented on my blog. Well not random, you’re my loyal readers. However, I did draw them at random using I did it like this, each person who commented was added to a numbered line in a text file. Then I loaded numbers 1-17 and put at asterisk by each name that corresponded with a number drawn.

Crypto Jacker Blog Comment Winners:

  1. Damon
  2. Brian
  3. Gabriele
  4. Tom
  5. Matt

I’ll contact you today via the email you used when you submitted your comment to tell you how to claim your prize. If you didn’t win you can still get your hands on Crypto Jacker from now until Tuesday at midnight for the special JV Zoo launch discount: Click Here to Get Access!

When I say the price is going up soon? That’s an understatement.

Believe me now is the time to get in!

In other news…

Monero keeps going up which is making this whole thing way more exciting. As of the time of this writing it’s at $320. When I started coding Crypto Jacker it was at $150 and that’s just two or three weeks ago so you can see why I want to get as many people involved as possible…

Update: $370 I feel bad for anyone sitting on the fence right now:

When people say Crypto Currency is just a baby right now I can see where they’re coming from. It’s hard to believe bitcoin was at $1,000 at the beginning of the year and it’s looking like it will have no trouble hitting $20k before the year closes. We could see that growth with other alt coins too which is almost mind blowing when you think about it, but it’s sure to happen as they’re all growing.

An interesting side note I realized tonight that “buy now” buttons are not feasible with bitcoin transactions when you’re attempting to use an API. This is probably gibberish to most but essentially you would do this if you wanted to listen for the payment and deliver a file after it’s complete. The reason is an interesting phenomenon known as address gap limitation.

It’s interesting because for people like myself that sell software online and my customers who buy software from me in communities like JV Zoo, Warrior Plus, etc. We’re accustomed to buying things and getting instant delivery. Yet, many of us will click the buy button and read the checkout page, then maybe look for coupons and forget. So the amount of clicks you get on a buy button as a vendor are significantly higher than the actual purchases. With bitcoin if you generate 20 consecutive unused addresses to receive payment in a row your wallet is locked. They do this because they’re only looking 20 transactions ahead in what’s called a look ahead. How on earth is this supposed to work as a digital currency when you can’t even use it to buy things online?

You better be damn sure you’re buying before you see that bitcoin buy button. I heard the Winklevoss twins say Bitcoin’s more like gold I can see what they mean. I think they both said it at the same time actually. I’m not quite sure. 😂 That’s where I really see other alt coins that are more focused on the logistics stepping in and moving some of the wealth that’s in bitcoin to a more “fungible” atmosphere. Which seems to be one of the buzzwords in the blockchain world right now… Anyway, congrats again to the winners I’m excited about the future with Crypto Jacker let’s get paid!

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What is CPU Crypto Mining and Is it Profitable?

Since the release of Crypto Jacker I’ve had a lot of questions about crypto mining and the various CPU miners out there so I figured I would write a post about it. Cryptocurrency of course is digital currency like bitcoin only their are many other alt coins. I’m unable to judge the solvency of any investment there is risk associated with any investment advice.

While there are over 1,200 crypto-currencies and none are on the market some could be viewed as “penny stocks”. However others like bitcoin have significant market capital, meaning there is billions of dollars invested in them. The top 10 crypto-coins have a market capital in the billions.

Many forms of altcoin and bitcoin itself are “mineable”. This means the amount of currency in circulation when coin is first offered is not the final amount that will be available when it’s completely circulated. According to there are currently 16.8 million bitcoins in circulation of the total 21 million that will be released. If you own a bitcoin miner you could potentially get free bitcoin if you solve the blocks that release them. After the full 21 million are circulated miners will be rewarded for solving algorithms related to transaction fees.

Mining bitcoin requires an ASIC graphics card. This type of equipment can be expensive to invest in and it goes up as the value as bitcoin increases. Other currencies are mineable with various graphics cards or CPU power. Some people choose to mine altcoin using both CPU and GPU power simultaneously on different devices. Currently only one of the major altcoins can be mined using browser mining which is what cryptojacker is based on. This coin (monero) currently has a market capital of nearly $5 billion dollars. It can be exchanged for bitcoin, which I explain how to do in the members area. You can find more information about monero mining @ this redditThe CEO of McAfee announced today that he backs Monero and other related privacy currencies.

What makes Monero fully anonymous is that wallet users do not have any personal details tied to their accounts. You don’t even create a username and password making it even harder to trace, or hack, as many have tried to do with other currencies. There are also other factors involved making it attractive to investors interested in security and anonymity.

Monero CPU Mining Software

Here are a few Monero CPU mining softwares available free on github:

(They typically charge 1-3% of mining profits to cover development fees)

Of course if you can afford the investment you should check out GPU mining but that ‘s for another topic. CPU mining is much easier and more approachable for many. It’s also available on a larger array of computers given that you don’t need specific graphics cards. There are miners optimized for specific processors that may be more optimal and switching to different mining pools could give you greater gains.

Finally, there’s the option for cloud based mining which is effective for many crypto currencies such as monero, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin.

Check out: Bitcoin Miner Host. If you go this route you can calculate your earnings using this mining calculator. Are you interesting in crypto-mining or actively doing it right now? Comment below and let me know you’re interested and I’ll keep writing about it! I’m giving away 5 free copies of Crypto Jacker to people who comment on this blog soon!